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About Us

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Who we are


We are Amedeo, Anthony, and Mattia: we all live in the beautiful province of Tuscany and have a base in London too. We’ve all got a passion for cars and driving – from the fastest cars in the world to the smallest. Mattia is a rally driver, Anthony works in Formula 1, and Amedeo is an artist and property developer who has driven more Fiat 500s than your average Fiat test driver.


How we work


Italy is home to thousands of Fiat 500s, both loved and unloved. We know exactly where to find the best ones, and how to put them into a condition that was better than when they left the factory. Once we find a car, we take it to our dedicated workshop in Lucca and restore it to the desired specification – both on commission and following a crazy few ideas we have ourselves (which is how we ended up with a replica Carabinieri 500). Don’t worry: we’re very good at making ordinary Fiat 500s too.


What makes us different


We use our passion, knowledge, and experience to source exactly the best cars from trusted vendors all over Italy and its surrounding islands. If it’s not the right car, we will walk away – as we know exactly what to look for and there are plenty of cars to choose from. Back in our workshop, we use original parts whenever possible – with one of our mechanics in Lucca having worked on Fiat 500s back when they were new.


How much does it cost?


As much or as little as you would like it too. We sell ‘standard’ complete cars that are ready to enjoy in perfect mechanical and cosmetic condition, but we can also commission restorations and replicas to order, as well as sourcing the most rare and desirable limited-edition 500s. On the other end of the scale, if you just want a basic car for a running restoration, we can supply that too.


Where do you ship to?


Anywhere in the world. We’re used to working internationally and to tight deadlines, and we’re obviously fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish – and we’ve got a good idea in a few other languages as well. We deal with customers from all over the world, from England to Singapore, and we ship cars rapidly and securely.

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