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Birth year car

The Fiat 500 was produced between 1957 and 1975. So why not order a very special car that was produced in your birth year – or that of a loved one? At Real Italian Cars we specialise in birth year cars. These are sourced and built to your exact specification and come complete with a hand-crafted (removable) dashboard plaque and matching paperweight created by our artistic director to highlight the year of production, together with a ‘birth certificate’ and presentation autobiography of the car.


Step 01

Tell us your dream 500.

Do you have in mind a perfect Fiat 500 to mark the year in which you were born? Tell us all about it: which model, which colours, and most importantly of all, which year. We will then work on a birthday present like no other.

Step 02

We create a design

We will source your birth year car to your exact specification. But this is just where the fun begins. We can customise it as well so that it matches your vision perfectly, ensuring that it is truly the car of your dreams.


Step 03

Meticulously crafted

The car will be prepared with our customary attention to detail. It will also be fitted with a birth year plaque on the dashboard, marking it out as your unique vehicle, made in a very special year.

Step 04

Delivered to your door

Once the dream has become a reality, we will finish the car and deliver it to your door – anywhere in the world. All you then have to do is enjoy a beautiful classic from the year of your birth, which will go up in value every day.

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